Papua New Guinea Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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Coffee is the highest foreign exchange earner for Papua New Guinea, the majority of which is grown in the Eastern Highland Province, the Western Highland Province, and Simbu. The quality of coffee grown in Papua New Guinea is exceedingly high, often cupping in the specialty coffee range but due to several factors the quality is … Continue reading Papua New Guinea Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Yemen Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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Almost all Yemen coffee comes from ancient varieties of coffea arabica grown nowhere else in the world except perhaps in eastern Ethiopia. Yemenis have scores, perhaps hundreds, of names for their local coffee varieties. Most of these names and the trees to which they refer have never been documented, and are identified only within the … Continue reading Yemen Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Panama Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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Panama is most distinguished for growing the Geisha coffee plant varietal (Caturra var. Geisha). Grown in Panama’s Chiriqui Province, Geisha has won numerous coffee tasting awards in recent years, creating a high demand for the coffee at auctions. Country Profile Size -  75,420 sq km Capital City - Panama City Population - 3,705,246 (July 2016) … Continue reading Panama Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Nicaragua Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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Country Profile Size - 130,370 sq km Capital City - Managua Main Port City - Corinto Population - 5,966,798 (June 2016) Language/s Spoken - Spanish (official)  Coffee production in Nicaragua Population Involved in Coffee - 44,000 producers Average Farm Size - 1–14 hectares Bags Exported Annually - 2.3 million bags (2016/2017) Nicaragua Coffee profile Growing … Continue reading Nicaragua Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Mexico Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Coffee has been planted in Mexico since the late 1700s, and most of the country’s coffee now comes from the country’s southern region where the continent becomes narrower and bends to the east. Mexico is bursting with potential. The climate and altitude conditions are excellent for specialty coffee, and every year more efforts are made … Continue reading Mexico Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Cup made from Coffee husk

HuskeeCup is available in 6oz, 8oz and 12oz cups sizes, with a Universal Saucer that matches them all.

"Made from coffee husk, HuskeeCup is designed to improve your coffee experience. Traditional coffee cups break easily, are unsustainably sourced, and lose heat… fast. We've solved these problems by creating a cup that's made from sustainable materials and is durable, comfortable to hold, and will keep your coffee hotter for longer." Cup made from Coffee … Continue reading Cup made from Coffee husk

Rwanda Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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Rwandans have been growing coffee since colonial times, but until 1999 the product was classed below Grade C, making it unsalable on the global markets. The farmers did not have the means to wash and prepare their coffee cherries to specifications in a timely manner. Today Rwanda is Africa’s ninth largest Arabica coffee producer with … Continue reading Rwanda Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

Strictly High Grown Coffee (SHG) | Coffee Inside

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Strictly High Grown (SHG) Coffee is defined as coffee grown above 1,200 meters (4,000 feet). The term Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is also used interchangeably. On the same scale Other classifications referring to altitude include “High Grown” and the lower “Standard” (or “Central Standard”) grade. While there’s a general correlation between growing altitude, it’s not an absolute rule. … Continue reading Strictly High Grown Coffee (SHG) | Coffee Inside

Robusta Coffee Variety | Coffee Inside

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Approximately 30% of the coffee produced in the world is Coffee Robusta (C. canephora). It is mostly grown in Viet Nam, where French colonists introduced it in the late 19th century, though it is also grown in Africa and Brazil, where it is often called conilon. It was not recognized as a species of Coffea … Continue reading Robusta Coffee Variety | Coffee Inside

Honduras Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside

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The cultivation of the coffee plant was in its infancy in the Republic of Honduras at the end of the 19th century. While there were numerous coffee plantations at the time, they were small. The soil, climate, and conditions in Honduras are the same as those of Guatemala, Nicaragua, or Costa Rica.The coffee production in … Continue reading Honduras Coffee Overview | Coffee Inside